The Haile-Manas Academy will be a world-class co-educational secondary boarding school for 400 students of promise recruited from across the country and admitted without regard to their financial circumstances.  

Through depth of inquiry, hands-on problem solving, and the sustained shared experiences that a residential setting allows, we will build resilient, independent thinkers, purposeful, community-minded individuals and engaged, enterprising young citizens. 

We expect our graduates to have significant impact on their communities – whether those communities are local, national or global.


We will have a major impact on secondary education in Ethiopia.

The Haile-Manas Academy will model innovative, student-centered approaches to teaching and learning.  Our approach to education will stand in contrast to more traditional “chalk and talk” teaching methods that focus on the rote memorization of material, ultimately limiting opportunities for students to develop the skills and enterprising mindset needed to thrive in the 21st century and to engage in active citizenship and leadership. 

We are designing a program that will be self-reflective and data driven, so that we can systematically share our results with others.  We have established strong connections to local, regional and national educational and governmental institutions whose representatives will be frequent visitors to the Academy, and we will continue to nurture and expand such relationships. 

The Academy will be a dynamic educational community and we’ve got big plans to leverage every possible asset and opportunity to advance education in Ethiopia – stay tuned!