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We founded Ethiopia Education Initiatives (EEI) to provide world class educational opportunities for talented Ethiopian  students and to help ignite positive change in education more broadly. Our first step is the creation of the Haile-Manas Academy.

The Haile-Manas Academy will be a model school in and for Ethiopia, and the first of its kind.

The Haile-Manas Academy will provide Ethiopia’s most promising secondary students a world class education and will help transform the education available to all Ethiopian students.

Why now?

The timing is right for this transformative undertaking. As one of the world’s poorest countries, with a GDP of just $783 per person (PPP $2,100), Ethiopia is burdened with an antiquated education system, yet it has the world’s fastest growing economy in 2018, and a population of over 105 million with a median age of just 18. Ethiopia is ready to transform itself into a regional leader and economic powerhouse – but Ethiopia’s young people, its greatest asset, must be equipped to forge the way forward. 

An investment in the Haile-Manas Academy is an investment in Ethiopia’s future  – in educating its future leaders and its most engaged and impactful citizens.